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Declaration (Deklarasi)

By the submission of this application form and subject to the approval of my membership by V-Sixers : Perdana V6 Club Malaysia, I hereby PLEDGE to bound by the rules and constitution of V-Sixers herewith and will not hold V-Sixers responsible in any aspects arising from my actions that are not in line with the objectives of V-Sixers. I also agree that any actions or representations made without the approval of the V-Sixers and / or its elected office bearers are personal actions and representations; and the V-Sixers shall not be held liable in all respects.

Terms and Conditions (Terma dan Syarat)

1. The committee has the right and authority to reject any membership application without any reasons.
Jawatankuasa ini mempunyai hak dan kuasa untuk menolak permohonan keahlian tanpa sebarang alasan.
2. All details should be filled up as it is required by PROTON and ROS (The Registrar of Society).
Semua butiran hendaklah diisi untuk keperluan PROTON dan ROS (Jabatan Pendaftar Pertubuhan.
3. Applicant should also include the payments for registration fees (RM 20) and annual fees (RM 30).
Pemohon juga harus menyertakan bayaran yuran pendaftaran (RM 20) dan yuran tahunan (RM 30).
4. Other additional costs are Official F1 Shirt (RM 75), Official Polo T-Shirt (RM 40), Official Club Sticker (RM 15), URL Sticker (RM 15) and Windscreen Sticker (RM 25).
Kos tambahan lain adalah seperti Baju F1 Rasmi (RM 75), Baju-T Polo Rasmi (RM 40), Pelekat Rasmi Kelab (RM 15), Pelekat URL (RM 15) dan Pelekat Cermin Depan (RM 25).